The First Four Movies

Well I have watched my first four movies and have my comments on all.
1. Eye For An Eye-- When I first popped this movie in I realized I had already seen it. I remember why I watched it and I remembered I LOVED it. It is disturbing but the ending was really good. I rate this movie a 9.5.

2. Paranormal Activity-- Hello Scott! Remember I said NO demonic activity. But I should have known with the name of the movie. I turned it off when the man bought a ouija board. Can't watch that stuff. Anyway, I am not able to rate it as I didn't watch more than about 20 minutes of it.

3. Deadlines-- This was a really good movie. It was not recommended to me, but I saw it and thought it looked good. It also had a surprise ending and I wasn't sure about the very end but I really liked the movie. I give it a 9.

4. Changing Lives-- I also realized that I have seen this movie as well, but again it was an excellent movie. It is so disturbing but I enjoyed it. I give it a 10.

I am enjoying my new adventure. I will be continuing my quest to watch GOOD scary movies so PLEASE let me know if you have any recommendations!!

P.S.-- Here's my Polly Anna list Heather: The school year is already half over and my son will no longer be in Kindergarten and that means no more first year of school (boo hoo). No more watching my kids and their daddy making snowmen in the front yard and then bursting into a snowball fight. Warm baths with my husband with the fireplace lit in the bathroom. Having my nativities out to enjoy. But most of all CHRISTMAS MUSIC--I LOVE CHRISTMAS MUSIC!!
Anyway, here's to hoping you all have a wonderful and safe weekend!! And also hoping your kids don't end up with chicken pocks as my poor child has. He looks so cute with pink lotion dots all over his body!!


  1. WE TOLD YOU NOT TO WATCH P.A.!!! Glad you liked the rest of the shows. Loved your list, too.

  2. hey babe, it's been 5 months, time for a new post......I want to comment